What's the most important reason caused people overweighted

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What's the most important reason caused people overweighted

What's your thoughts about why so many over weight people?

In my search, I have tried to figure out why over weight people are more in the western "rich countries"?

The reason is most likely the food that those "rich countries" have a lot of delicious food than the others. But a lot of people think that caused by their family gene.

Please vote for your opinion.

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The reason is within the mind

The reason is within the mind.  Unlike people in Asia, people in western countries do not have the philosophy of "keeping the balance" for everything.  With this mentality, they work hard, play hard, and of course, eat hard.
yuexia01 wrote:

What's your thoughts about why so many over weight people? In my search, I have tried to figure out why over weight people are more in the western "rich countries"? The reason is most likely the food that those "rich countries" have a lot of delicious food than the others. But a lot of people think that caused by their family gene. Please vote for your opinion.
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too much Fat is because of

too much Fat is because of wrong daily routine or eating habbits, gene does play a role in  adding up the adipose tissue but in western lifstyle it seems there in more of fast food eating that adds to lot of saturated fatty acids, less excercise is also the reason , good lifestyle is a remedy for  sure

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While there is always a

While there is always a genetic component, the reasons why people are overweight are varied and complex. Here are what I think the main reasons why people become overweight, in order of importance but not necessarily the same for every individual: 
1. Lack of activity/exercise. The body was designed to develop muscle. With inactivity there is less muscle and the direct result in an increase in fat reserves
2. Too much food. Our body for generations evolved to eat whenever it had the chance and food was limiting. Our bodies have not adapted to the fact that obtaining food is now very easy. Our brains send us signals to eat when ever we can when in reality most of the team we do not need it (even when you feel hungry). Note that this applies to any food, both good and bad.
3. Bad habits. It is easy for our body to get used to bad habits, especially with respect to what we eat. Developing urges for foods (bad foods) capable of developing strong sensations in our body (too much salt, too much fat, fried, etc) is a recipe for developing too much weight. Likewise developing bad habits like laziness have long term effects that are hard to overcome (it is a lot easier to stop exercising and become lazy than it is to start exercising and maintaining an exercise routine).
In the end there are strong arguments linking being overweight with doing any of the three above (or a combination). Even you are genetically gifted, if you push one or more of the points above you will develop weight problems. As for the reason why people do this? It is hard to generalize. One could be simple laziness; another the lifestyle we are forced into because of the society we live in. The fact that our lives are becoming easier (computers, cell phones, etc) will likely compound the problem.

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Well I agree with Ivan. All

Well I agree with Ivan. All his points are very well said. Especially too much of so called "junk" food with ample amounts of fat and calories. So true Ivan about the fact that life has become so much simpler with modern gadgets... i am sure in the future one probably doesnt even have to get up from bed to go to work.. and everyone will work from home, thus resulting in more obese people.
Since we are discussing about the over-weight people in western rich countries... correct me if i am wrong.. but from my limited observation in these western countries.. what i notice is that the lower income people tend to me more obese than compared to the lower income people of a  "not so rich country". Does anyone else share my views on this?

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This review isn't terribly

This review isn't terribly good in itself but does cite quite a large number of useful studies discussing genetic factors and epidemiological analysis of obesity.  It was interesting to read that BMI is not always an accurate measure, especially in certain patient groups where individuals with lower BMI actually have a higher incidence of mortality.

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I think both genetic make up

I think both genetic make up and less excercise are the factors that contribute most to weight keeping aside other metabolic or organic pathologies. 

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With obesity causes and

With obesity causes and consequences in mind, here is a website from the cdc that gives a quality overview about this topic.
This website links to another cdc website concerning obesity and genes.
That website has a wealth of information and valuable links.
Here is that website mission.
""Obesity and Genetics: A Public Health Perspective" is a collaborative effort by the CDC's National Office of Public Health Genomics and the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity at CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion."

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Some studies of identical twins who have been raised apart show that genes have a strong influence on one’s weight. Overweight and obesity tend to run in families. Your chances of being overweight are greater if one or both of your parents are overweight or obese. Your genes also may affect the amount of fat you store in your body and where on your body you carry the extra fat.
Because families also share food and physical activity habits, there is a link between genes and the environment. Children adopt the habits of their parents. So, a child with overweight parents who eat high-calorie foods and are inactive will likely become overweight like the parents. On the other hand, if a family adopts healthful food and physical activity habits, the child’s chance of being overweight or obese is reduced.

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here is some info from some

here is some info from some website:
Rudolph Leibel, Columbia University
Patrick Catalano, Case Western Reserve University
Andreas Plagemann, University of Medicine Berlin
Robert Whitaker, Temple University
Tanja Kral, University of Pennsylvania
John Kral, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

  • Genetic and epigenetic factors render an individual more or less vulnerable to obesity and its many social and health consequences.
  • Maternal obesity and gestational diabetes are dangerous for mother and child. Despite normal weight, newborns of obese mothers have increased body fat, and risk becoming overweight.
  • Obesity surgery is safe and effective. Young women unable to reduce weight should consider surgical weight loss before becoming pregnant to have a healthier pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding protects against development of obesity and related metabolic diseases and improves brain development. Milk from diabetic mothers is healthier than commercial formulae.
  • Eating in the absence of hunger is a heritable trait that may promote obesity in children. Parents' improper monitoring of children's eating can increase the risk of chronic over-eating.
  • Behavioral strategies to reduce childhood obesity include regular family meals, establishing sleep routines, and increasing unstructured outdoor play. Clinicians should work with parents in light of their values to achieve these goals.

The "big" picture
Epigenetics suggests that nutrition and other environmental factors present during very early development can strongly influence an individual’s susceptibility to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Thus, predisposing factors passed through the generations—for example, diet and pollution— can influence an individual's health."
Epigenetics has been observed to be playing a role in obesity and other health issues and acts over generations.

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A VERY small proportion of

A VERY small proportion of clinically obese people have become so due to their genes alone. The problem is not that they don't know how to remain at a healthy weight, they simply have no will power.
Western diets have a lot of processed, carbohydrate rich foods that are often fried in saturated fats. The rule is, if it's beige in colour it will be bad for you. If it is more colourful then it will be healthier. Western diets are very beige and beige is generally cheap. All you can eat deals and supersizing deals are also on beige food. Carbohydrates give us energy fast and make us feel good....so we eat more....get fat.....need to feel good about ourselves -> treat ourselves with "something" (beige) that makes us feel better....we get fatter....etc etc etc.
Normally, you would get fatter and fatter until you could no longer walk to the supermarket to buy more food. The natural result is that you start to loose weight again and then stay at this equilibrium weight. Unless you have the internet and can order food online! Then you become so big you can't get out of bed, which would normally become another point where you'd naturally begin to start loosing some weight. BUT, then some well-meaning family member starts coming round to cook and feed you so that you don't have to be able to get up any more. The next movement you get is likely to be your last and involves a fork-lift truck and the fire brigade.

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