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Jessica Jung
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primer design

Hi everyone.

I'm an absolute beginner at PCR, and I'd be glad of your help.

I have to design primers so that the PCR products includes a specific region such as exon1, intron2... or specific several basepairs in one gene. (So the length of products is not so long. 200~300bp)

In this case, How can I design the primer by designating the region to be amplified?

Sushma Dagar
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 Hi Jessica,

 Hi Jessica,
first you find out the gene sequence at NCBI site. once you know at what site you want to design, you can select pick primer option available on the right side of NCBI page. they will ask you to fill details like what should be the length of primer, product and at what position you wanna design your primer. So you can specify your parameters there. If you need any other help, write it again.


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please see this link explain that's
good luck