AudioConference: March 19th: Genetic Oversight...The Next Steps

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AudioConference: March 19th: Genetic Oversight...The Next Steps

Genetic Oversight...The Next Steps
March 19, 2008
2:00-3:30 pm Eastern (U.S.) time

This is a must attend event for clinical laboratories and manufacturers involved in genetic testing!

Genetic oversight is once more the buzz' in Washington as concerns about the accuracy and value of certain genetic tests, as well as the potential harms that could result from their misuse, have legislators and consumers pushing for new regulatory safeguards. The FDA and CMS are responding by broadening federal oversight in this area. Join us for a 90-minute, information-packed program, and learn what changes in genetic oversight are underway in federal oversight.

Also, come learn what changes may be on the horizon. The HHS Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society recently released a report, which calls for greater private-public cooperation and oversight of genetic testing, including the expansion of CLIA proficiency testing. This report may serve as the basis for future Department or Congressional action.

Attend this audioconference and learn:

* How the FDA and CMS currently regulate genetic testing
* The latest on the IVDMIA guidance and ASR Q&A
* What CMS is doing to strengthen genetic testing oversight
* What changes SACGHS is recommending and their potential impact on genetic testing

If you would like more information on this timely and important program, please click here.