DNA test at home

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DNA test at home

I’ve always thought that a DNA test is very complicated. Apparently not! I discovered a site on the internet, null, where you can order home a special kit for paternity tests. This kit has the appropriate tools for the person to take her own samples that will be sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results only take five days and they are 99.99% precise with an affordable price and a total confidentiality. As I was thinking of doing a paternity test myself, I thought that was a good idea. Can anyone enlighten me about this issue?

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Paternity testing can be done

Paternity testing can be done as a home DNA collection, as long as you don't need the result for a legal or court reason. if so the test has to be collected by an authorised collector. For a home test, you just need to trust all parties that they will collect their DNA and not swab a friend's mouth to falsify the results. I would ask the testing facility if they run your samples thorugh a sequencer of the old technology of gelphase.  Gelphase is cheaper but the gold standard technology is with a sequencer. You can find more information on testing at http://www.dnaq.com.au/faq. Hope this has been helpful