Ideas for molecular research in the Amazon

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Ideas for molecular research in the Amazon

Hi, can anyone help me with some ideas to conduct base molecular biology research in the Amazon?
any help are welcomed!

Tony Rook
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You may want to look into the Brazilian Society of Genetics. Here is the contact information and a website for archived issues of their publication Genetics and Molecular Biology.

2006 Sociedade Brasileira de Genética
Rua Cap. Adelmio Norberto da Silva, 736
14025-670 Ribeiro Preto SP Brazil
Tel.: + 55 16 3911-4130 / Fax.: + 55 16 3621-3552

Good luck!

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Look into the medicinal

Look into the medicinal properties of plants and other living systems from the Amazon. You can use a variety of cytotoxic or antibacterial assays as a base. They are farily easy to use in the field and there is a large variety.

Best of luck.