Trans gene insertion for stress tolerance

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Trans gene insertion for stress tolerance

Is there any possibility to express a gene from another species which is responsible for stress tolerance?

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Yes Dshsp and osmotin from

Yes Dshsp and osmotin from yeast and many others....
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Fraser Moss
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please state into which

please state into which species you would like to introduce your gene.

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Here is a very interesting

Here is a very interesting review on stress tolerance in Streptococcus that has a number of possible gene candidates for transfering stress tolerance capability.

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Amits,

Hi Amits,
This sounds like a very open question. I assume you are interested in stress tolerance in plants, which is something that has been done quite a bit in the past. One of the earliest lessons was that you need to use a stress-tolerance promoter to control the gene you want to introduce into your plant (if you use a constitutive promoter you get funny looking plants). And then of course you need to identify the right gene that not only protects the plant from the stress you are interested in, but also does not reduce other important characteristics, like yield. 
A good example to look at is a paper that came out some years ago by Kasuga et al, 2004 (Plant and Cell Physiology paper). In this paper they took an Arabidopsis gene and introduced it into tobacco under the control of a stress-tolerance promoter. The increase in stress tolerance was dramatic.
If you go to the journal's website link of this article (here), at the bottom of the window you can find a dozen articles that cite this paper. These would also be good sources of information on engineering stress-tolerance into plants.