Why Transgenics?

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Why Transgenics?

Why is transgenics being researched by scientists?
As in, what is so important that drives them forward despite ethical issues (animal mistreatment) and health dangers?
Any article links and visual support is very welcome!

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It has revolutionized the research ........ from the very wheat trticum aestivum to RNAi and knockout experiments, stem cell  science and many other areas the reseach is driven by transgenic revolution only.
do a search engine search with TRANSGENICS and you will see n number of articles and teir importance.
Animal ethics are always a concern but one should never forget that every expt that is being conducted on animals require ethical clearance....... and hence is in the limits of animal ethics.

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Visit this link to view

Visit this link to view images movies and animations on transgenics/genetically modified organisms

Ivan Delgado
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Hi Chino,

There are many reasons why researchers develop transgenics despite all the ethical issues and even the attacks by protest groups that have destroyed millions of dollars worth of government-funded research. One way to look at it is: why do we use nuclear power? It is clearly very polluting and yet we use it because in many ways it is better than burning millions of tons of coal every year. 
In the end though, one of the main reasons why many researchers use transgenics is because it is the most powerful, and direct way, of studying biological function. By making a very specific modification to an organism's genome, we are able to study what effects that single modification has on the organism. A big chunk of what we know today as far as genetics is concerned has come from such transgenic experiments. For example, if a scientist removes a single gene from an organism and all of a sudden that organism is unable to see, then you know that the gene in question has a function in the development of sight. 
Transgenics is such a powerful tool of discovery that it is essentially impossible not to use it in our continuous pursuit of biological knowledge. 

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Transgenics are very

Transgenics are very impiortant