3130 capillary electrophoresis with genescan/genotyper software

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3130 capillary electrophoresis with genescan/genotyper software

I am trying to work with data generated on an ABI 3130 capilary electrophoresis equipment, in Genescan and Genotyper software.

Sizing etc is done in genescan, and then the genescan file imported into genotyper for allele calling and editing, and for export of allele tables.

Genotyper generates allele tables using a macro that pulls information from the "sample info" box of each sample. Only samples with data in this box in genescan, will appear in the allele table in genotyper.

Now on a 3100 machine, this data can be entered into the PLT plate file, so it's automatically there for you to generate tables with. On the 3130 (data collection software version 3) there is no such column to enter data into. This means that the data needs to be cut and pasted manually into each dye of every well in Genescan, or no allele table can be produced.

Does anyone know of a way to get this data in there automatically?

The other option, is to try to edit the macro so that it produces an allele table by pulling information from the "sample comment" box instead, which can be put into the PLT file on the 3130.

However, editing the macro this way, seems only to change the allele table column heading to "sample comment", but still try and take info from "sample info", which of course has no data in.

I know this is a very specific problem, but any experience would be appreciated.

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Does the 3130 work with

Does the 3130 work with GeneMapper? I seem to remember using that, and it is much better than GeneScan and Genotyper. It imports much more information and removes the need for two additional softwares.

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Yes it does, and I would much

Yes it does, and I would much prefer to use genemapper, but for complicated reasons I have to use genescan/genotyper.

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I found your post on the forum about table and genotyper usign abi3130 . I know is a very old post...but please have you find the solution?
Best regards and thank you