New X Prize is in Genomics

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New X Prize is in Genomics

So the X prize gave space tourism a jump start. It's time to see what it can do for Genomics. This forum should start to really heat up soon, as the next prize is $10M for genome sequencing. Anyone think they can sequence 100 human genomes in 10 days?

NY Times Article

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Here is the link to the X

Here is the link to the X-Prize Foundation:

Craig Venter joined the X Prize board of directors and he was a big influence on why this genomics challenge is the next prize.

The X-prize wants to reach the status of the Nobel Committe and are developing challenges for the following categories: space, medicine, energy, automotive, education, environmental, and social arenas.

It sounds like its going to be fun next couple of years for the sequencing industry. As a fan of watching new technology develop these challenges are going to be fun to watch. And as a molecular biologist the benefits that will be reaped by developing new extreme sequencers is going to be simply amazing.

Hey maybe somebody from this board will win the prize!