dbSNP vs Ensembl variation database

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dbSNP vs Ensembl variation database

Both dbSNP and the Ensembl variation database are large resources of known polymporphisms. There seems to be a large overlap between the two (I think Ensembl Variation is a superset of dbSNP and some other resources). I am working in the area of genome resequencing in the context of cancer, so I am very interested in identifying somatic mutations. Of course, the more SNPs I can filter from my data prior to attempting validation, the better. This is probably a good place to catalogue all the sources of known variation that are currently available. So far I have:

Ensembl Variation
HapMap (various individuals)
Genomes of:
Craig Venter
James Watson
unidentified Yoruban
unidentified Asian
1000 genomes project

Are there others I am missing?

R Bishop
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Are these in your list?

Are these in your list?