Announcing the SOLiD $10K Grant Program

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Announcing the SOLiD $10K Grant Program

Announcing the SOLiD $10K Grant Program

The unsurpassed throughput and accuracy of the SOLiD™ 3 System is enabling the realization of research projects previously only imagined. As part of our continuing commitment to promote basic research in the life sciences, Applied Biosystems is awarding one first place prize of 60GB or 750M tags of mappable sequence data as well as the primary analysis and 10 second place prizes of 10 individual (2 slide runs) from the SOLiD™ 3 System. The winner will be selected on merit by a panel of scientific experts and will be announced in February 2009.

It's easy to apply, but you have to do so before December 31st, 2008. If you or your organization would like to become eligible, simply submit a proposal outlining the goals of your project and how 60GB or 750M tags of mappable sequence data will help you to meet those goals. For complete contest information, including proposal submission guidelines, please visit:

Deadline for submission is Dec 31, 2008.

SOLiD™ 3 System:

The new SOLiD 3 System is the first platform to provide a path to the $10K genome. Walk away automation and enhanced data analysis tools significantly reduce hands on time and expedite your time to results. With higher density, longer read lengths and sample multiplexing capabilities, the SOLiD 3 System provides the most cost effective analysis for a wide range of genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic applications.
That's it. If you are selected, you will receive 60GB or 750M tags of mappable sequence data from the new SOLiD™ 3 System along with the completion of the primary analysis to support your scientific endeavors. ----definitely an opportunity worth pursuing! Good Luck!

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