FAQ for posting in this forum

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FAQ for posting in this forum

General guidelines regarding posting in the grants and manuscripts forums.

1. Read the short description for each major section or topic so that you pick the appropriate forum for your question. Take a second to go through tutorial to learn how to use the forums properly and, the odds of you getting an answer will increase.

2. You must be registered with a valid email address to post and reply to these topics.

3. When posting a new topic etc, please give it an informative title and description. For an example read this blog post.

4. Give as many details as you can please! Also avoid obvious exam/class questions. The purpose of this is site is to disseminate high quality information to help all of us get our experiments done.

5. Avoid blatant product advertising. Im not saying dont talk about the products you are using in your experiment etc, in fact we we enocurage it. Obvious advertising will be deleted and, we will have to ban you from the site.

6. And finally, posting poor quality questions and topics just to get rewards will result in an immediate ban from the site. The same goes for obvious schemes to rack up points. We are scientists not fools. Help us keep the quality high please.


Rusty, moderator Grants, Manuscripts, and Connections.