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funding proposal

Can anyone guide me for funding proposal writting?

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Where are you applying for

Where are you applying for funding. Irrespective of it you will have to write your proposal in several sections...
One page on the "Specific Aims" where you summarise the work you intend to do
The a  page on "progress report" in case u had a grant u r trying to renew
A very important section to follow is the "Background" where you give detailed lit review of the thing you are interested in
A page on the "Significance"
then a few pages on the "preliminary results"
The you mention the "research plan" in detail
          This will have many sections including : "Experimental design" and the "Methods and materials" In the experimental design section you elaborate on the aims from the specific aims and in methods and materials u give more info about the analysis and the techniques

Ivan Delgado
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As far as I know all agencies that provide funding for research (in the form of grants and the like) have their own guidelines that need to be followed. For example in the US if you apply for grants from the NIH you use these forms.
Are you instead asking about good writing techniques for writing a grant proposal? If that is the case, my first suggestion is to find one or two grants that were submitted (and ideally funded) from colleagues that submitted them to the same granting agency you are planning to submit yours to.
Finally there are a number of online resources that provide you with the do's and don'ts of grant writing. One of them is here.
Good luck