Generating models for papers

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Generating models for papers

Hi everyone.
I want to generate  a model for my paper. I know what I want to draw (using a pencil on the paper) but have not found a good way to make it electronic and put colors.  Do not like powerpoint or paint. have not tried photoshop to draw. Any suggestions?
My model includes a cell with water channels and proteins moving in and out of nucleus (of course), change in water chanel expression in response to infection etc.
Thanks, in advance.

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 My favorite was Macromedia

 My favorite was Macromedia Freehand for drawing, but I don't think it is available anymore. I have moved onto Adobe Illustrator, which isn't as intuitive, but it gets the job done. It has much more functionality than Powerpoint for drawing; of course, "drawing" with a mouse or touchpad is always more difficult than by hand! Photoshop is much more difficult to draw with, in my opinion.

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 I used to use Canvas for all

 I used to use Canvas for all of my computer drawing needs.  I haven't tried Illustrator but I have started to learn Inkscape, which is a freeware solution.  My work didn't want to give me Illustrator because it's so expensive and we didn't have Canvas.

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you can try biodrawwww

you can try biodraw