Journals VS Author_Fighting for equal right!!

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Journals VS Author_Fighting for equal right!!

  Why the authors have to wait for the decision of a Journal for a timeless process? 
A_All the Journals should have a limited time for review process, it is also good to explore the latest findings. 

Why the authors have to be restricted to submit one journal at one time?
A_Like finding jobs, it is the right to submit reasonable applications at the same time, of course, one can only accept one job at last. The authors should be allowed to submit their work to more than one potential journals at one time, and make a final decision to publish their work in only one journal. 

It is just all the rules all be set by the journals, we authors should fighting for our right.

Anyone who donnot want to suffer from submitting a work have any better idea on this issue??

Will TheScientis Magazine may have this topic to be discussed in the future?