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Software tool to draw figures


Can somebody suggest me a tool to draw figures, like planertary motions in orbits.  These figures would be published in a book.  Can we use the tools which were described earlier in one of the threads with topic "Which software do you use to design figures?" (


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Hi Sravani! Here's my

Hi Sravani! Here's my suggestion...

The easy way... Powerpoint. But the result is very often deceiving and the tools are not so precise but you can sometimes get away with it.

The awesome but hard way... Photoshop (CS4) of course! It may look hard at the beggining but you really need to do tutorials at first. There are tons of them on the web and if you are the visual type, Youtube is your friend with dozens of walkthroughs to any kind of projects. With a couple hours of practice (yeah... hours...) you'll be amazed by all you can do and by the endless possibilities the software offers. I know the software isn't cheap but some institutions have extended licenses and a suprising number of people have it. Ask around...
Hope it helps,

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using illustrator from the

using illustrator from the creative suite is best, since for figures vector based applications are to prefer.
I am not aware of a free good tool. But Powerpoint is an option or coreldraw also, if you have it still around. Just be sure when you export the figure into bitmap or JPEG, that you choose a decent resolution (300+ dpi) and CMYK colores for print, for web RGB is fine.

Stefan Frost
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What about Figure Adapter for

What about Figure Adapter for Scientific Journals?

This tool for automatic conversion of your figures to all journal standards. It contains a Figure Editor as well for figure drawing.

JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF - no problem at all! RGB, CMYK or just grayscale - it supports all.

We as former scientists developed that tool exclusivley for other researchers! Easier to use than other packages and much more comfortable - made for scientists by scientists!

Think about all those different figure versions you have to send to journals for submission. Initial-, Final-, one column, two columns, electronic and others - all of them with different settings. We created a database with thousands of figure types of Scientific Journals. You just add your figure, choose the Journal respectively figure type and press start - all journal format adaptations are done automatically. It's never been easier and faster.