Been at the same company for 10 years, may need to to find a new job

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Been at the same company for 10 years, may need to to find a new job

I've been at the same company for ten years.  It is a large pharma company on the east coast.   I have BS, well two actually, one in biology and one in microbiology.  I recently had my yearly review and realized that I may need to find a new job.  While I do good work and provide nice data, I was told that "upper management" thinks that I work to slow, and my direct supervisor says she does not think that she can protect me any more ( I take that to mean that any defense of me being kept around in a future layoff is out of her control).
I have had three different managers over the ten years I have been there, and have never had anyone complain about my work before, and no matter how much I try to "pick up the pace" for this person it does not seem to make her happy.  In my own defense I really do like to be meticulous about things and to take my time to make sure that I do things correctly and not have to repeat any experiments, so this may contribute to me being perceived as slow.
I am looking for positions within the same company first, but its been ten years since I have had to look for a job.  Any advice on where to start.  What about other areas.  What is the job market like in areas outside of NJ/PA?  Ideally, at this point Id like to relocate someplace sunny and warm throughout most of the year which has me thinking of the west/southwest.