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Lab Director, Applied Research and Development

Open Date: Jan 11, 2005

Location: Canada - Ottawa, Ontario
Category: Research/Scientific

LIKE YOU, MDS Nordion values the health and well-being of people. In fact we make it our
business. Our products and services touch the lives of people around the world and are
used daily in hospitals and clinics and by the makers of radiopharmaceuticals and medical

Help us to improve people’s health. Make a difference. Join an energetic, established,
growth-driven organization as a Lab Director.

As an accomplished scientist, you will define research proposals related to
radioimmunoconjugate development. You will provide scientific leadership and technical
supervision on all Applied Research and Development projects. You will act as scientific
liaison within the Radiopharmaceutical Services network.

General Skills Description


You possess a PhD in Chemistry with at least 5 years experience in the clinical
development of new radiolabelled drugs and imaging agents. You possess demonstrated
strengths in the preparation of conjugates and experience in formulation chemistry. Using
your highly developed interpersonal skills, you work effectively with colleagues, customers,
and partners. The ability to mentor scientists and work well both independently and in a
team are required skills. Experience in the regulatory and commercial environment of
industrial research is essential.

Building Relationships
Business Acumen
Change leadership
Communication Skills
Customer Focus
Self Management
Thinking Skills

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any positions open for Medical Laboratory Technicians?

I will be graduating in one year from UMDNJ in NJ



Robert Doxey
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Good Morning Konstantinos

Good Morning Konstantinos
There is no positions for Medical Laboratory Technicians at htis location, you could check out the MDS Inc web site. MDS Inc has a large force of medical loboratory positions.
Good luck

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Robert Doxey wrote:Lab

Robert Doxey wrote:

Lab Director, Applied Research and Development

Location: Canada - Ottawa, Ontario
Category: Research/Scientific

Do you have any ancillary labs or contacts in Corvallis Oregon? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. My spouse has a job at OSU and I'm looking for employment. I had a grant for a year, but it's ending. There's not a lot of biotech this little town. Portland is too far to commute (unless the position is really lucrative). OSU claims to be responsive to dual-career couples, but that's apparently a false statement.

My background (PhD) is chemical carcinogenesis, biophysics, biochemistry, nanotechnology. I have experience using atomic force microscopy, but am really interested in lab management/industry position.

Robert Doxey
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Good Day Bettye

Good Day Bettye
I am not the one to talk to about the positions available with MDS Inc.. Please go through the website and submit your CV for the positions posted.
Good LuckMDS Inc.- careers site