Sr. Scientist Position, Newark, NJ

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Sr. Scientist Position, Newark, NJ

Professional Opportunities at CPCDR, UMDNJ

NJ State university full time employee with very good benefit and salary.

Our mission is to capitalize on the recent discovery of millions of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the human genome to advance understanding of complex disease susceptibility and individual differences in therapeutic response. Because of the great challenge to determine which SNPs are most important clinically, very high-throughput platforms capable of >200,000 assays/day will be used to accelerate this research. Collaborators are planned to include both academic and industry partners. Technology development will aim to increase speed and efficiency of SNP genotyping while retaining accuracy and lowering cost.

The Center will employ advanced computational and bioinformatics tools and ORACLE databases for a very broad-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). This will include not only SNP assay design, biospecimen and reagent tracking, but also encompass all clinical and risk factor data and results of intensive data mining and statistical analyses that we will perform.

Our laboratory will use two TECAN robots, and a newly developed Samsung Nanodispenser custom-designed for our Sequenom MALDI-TOF (Bruker) SNP assay system. We will use the Applied Biosystems 3730 Capillary DNA Analyzer for the high-throughput SNPlex genotyping method and to perform DNA sequencing for SNP discovery and mutation detection. We will also perform Taqman SNP assays using the Applied Biosystems 7900HT Sequence Detection System that incorporates the Zymark Twister for 384 well plate handling.

Current positions Available:

1.) Senior laboratory automation leader: Assume responsibility for all aspects of managing and running the laboratory in high-throughput and high accuracy performance mode.

Experience of 5+ years running high-throughput assays using automated and robotic systems (not necessarily SNPs or genomics); hands on optimizing and trouble-shooting complex chemical assays; work well in a team environment; highly accurate and productive work track record is essential; experience working with LIMS desirable; outstanding oral and written communications skills highly desirable.

Education: PhD, or MS degree with 4+ years of lab automation experience.

2.) Junior Laboratory Research Assistant: Reports to the Senior Laboratory Manager. Performs a wide range of assays, sample preparation, equipment operation and maintenance with high accuracy and reliability; BS degree with laboratory and automation experience desirable.

If you are applying the senior position, please list your experiences in instruments and lab process automation. Both laboratory positions require lab hand on experience (NOT bioinformatics and programming).

All positions require to have work permit in the USA. No H1 visa will be supported.

If you are interested in applying the position, please apply at