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scientific journalism

Scientific journalism is a good career for those seeking science career outside academia. With the ever increasing scientific magazines, TV channels and other media the experts in different fields of science with some course in journalism can look forward to a different, dynamic and paying career.

Ivan Delgado
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I agree with hilltrekker. At

I agree with hilltrekker. At least one scientist from my PhD class went on to become an editor and she likes it very much. On a related topic, another one of my colleagues became a lawyer; he does a lot of editorial work. 
Overall I think that a good scientific education provides a great background for a number of different fields. One of the tricks is to identify what you are good at (and what you enjoy doing) and then leverage your background to pursue your new career.
The quality of scientific journalism today is very good. One of the great sources for me is the Science section of the New York Times. Some of the articles I've come across there are not only very well written but also the understanding of the science is clear and well described.

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Looking at the quality and

Looking at the quality and understanding of the subject, creativity of scientific minds and backgrounds the science people are now well utilised by media.

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I also support Scientific

I also support Scientific journalism as this way the information and knowledge can reach the people for whom we all are working. The new findings must come in the knowledge of a layman in his language. And this can be done in a better way by people in the writing profession (in a better way)