Enzymatic assays for Cancer

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Enzymatic assays for Cancer

can you list out enzymatic assay for diffent cancer?

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Please read these articles:

Please read these articles:

Badolo et al Simple and rapid enzymatic assay of ornithine decarboxylase activity. Talanta
Volume 48, Issue 1, 5 January 1999, Pages 127-134

Matsumoto et al A new enzymatic assay for total diamines and polyamines in urine of cancer patient.  Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology Volume 100, Number 1 / April, 1981 73-84

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This may be helpful for lung

This may be helpful for lung cancer:

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A number of enzymatic assays

A number of enzymatic assays aare evaluated for the cancer diagnosis and management. they hav their utilities in being different from diagnostic , prognostic and routine markers for assessment of the disease rogression.
From your post it is rather unclear which are required by you?
To mention a few alkaline phosphatase is used for lung cancer.
soybean seedling amine oxidase (SSAO) is used as general for evaluation of urine from cancer patients.
telomerase is another key enzyme used
Precisely, we can answer in a more focussed way if you repost what your exact requirement is.