Immunity in cancer

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Immunity in cancer

Innate immunity or Acquired immunity, which one is more powerful to fight against cancer?
Innate immunity is present in our body since birth, so this may involved in prevention of cancer.. Is it right?

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muthuonco wrote:

muthuonco wrote:

Innate immunity or Acquired immunity, which one is more powerful to fight against cancer? and Innate immunity produce in our boby since from our birth, so this may involved in prevention of cancer.. Is it right?

our immune system can't fight with the established cancer completly without the help of convetional cancer treatments
Immunotherapy -Immunotherapy is a type of biological therapy that use natural body substances or drugs made from natural body substances to treat cancer.  Immunotherapies are treatments that boost your immune system.  They are used in cancer treatment because cancer cells are different from normal cells and so are picked up by the immune system.

Many different chemicals that produced as part of the immune response can now be made in the laboratory. like
Interferon,I nterleukin 2 (IL2), Monoclonal antibodies
Interferon-alpha and Interleukin 2 act by boosting the immune response to help the body kill off cancer cells.

Scientists are also trying to develop vaccinations against cancer cells.  Possibly the immune system can be trained to see cancer cells as being invaders and kill them.
for more detail refer :

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its acquired immunity.... but

its acquired immunity.... but for mos cancers the immune system remains dormant that is how in the first place the tumor develops.

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The question can be twisted

The question can be twisted in a slightly differest manner, as why do we need aquired immunity in controlling cancer if we have a support of a evolutionary certified innate immunity. As a matter of fact both innate (NK) and Aquired (CD8+ CTLs) are being found out to be involved in controlling the disease, but the lapses/inhibition in both at the cellular level which determines the onset of the disease.
You might be developing one right now, but its your strong hold of the immune system that is controlling its spread and deveopment. Uptill now, CTLs are supposed to be main guardians from the disease, but their i). lack of presence and ii). inhibition at the tumor level by Treg and many factors(CD95L/fas, LIF etc..) stops them from acting against differentially non-self (TATA) but still SELF antigens.
Similarly innate make use of NK cells to get rid cells with non self characterstics, and findings related to their involvement in controlling cancer is still in a developing stage with promosing potential.
Indeed aquired is the modify and VARIABLE form of innate immunity only, that is meant to take care differst tissue organisation and environment in developed vertebrates.

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Development of cancer is a

Development of cancer is a mistake of innate immunity so Acquired immunity more powerful than innate immunity.

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What about those animals

What about those animals (especially invertebrates) which do not have any aquired immunity ? I guess the load of disease and organism's reaction to them should be similar.
Development of Cancerous stage is by itself a dysregulation of homeostatic enviroment, then why is it only a malfunctioning of innate immunity, as aquired immunity should take care of uncontrolled cell division exposing many unseen self anitigen to reactive CD8+ T cells, but instead fails to do so ?

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occurrence of mutation very

occurrence of mutation very high in  invertebrates than vertebrates,

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Is it so, and I do not

Is it so, and I do not understand the corelation of mutations to the argument of aquired immunity being powerful and superior to innate ??
I think that their innate alone is competent enough as our both innate and aquired. The emergence of aquired can still be debatable but being superior and powerful is certainly not., at least not on these grounds.

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it should be innate immunity

it should be innate immunity cause acquired immunity develops only after you recover from a disease

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What develops afterwards is

What develops afterwards is "Memory". If the infection load is high, then its aquired immunity after some ground holding by innate, which clears the infection out.
Its both aquired and innate which equivalently prevents incidence of a cancerous stage and in cancer both of them becomes feeble in the tumor area.

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Natural innate and adaptive

Natural innate and adaptive immunity to cancer

The immune system can identify and destroy nascent tumor cells in a process termed cancer immunosurveillance, which functions as an important defense against cancer. Recently, data obtained from numerous investigations in mouse models of cancer and in humans with cancer offer compelling evidence that particular innate and adaptive immune cell types, effector molecules, and pathways can sometimes collectively function as extrinsic tumor-suppressor mechanisms. However, the immune system can also promote tumor progression. Together, the dual host-protective and tumor-promoting actions of immunity are referred to as cancer immunoediting. In this review, we discuss the current experimental and human clinical data supporting a cancer immunoediting process that provide the fundamental basis for further study of immunity to cancer and for the rational design of immunotherapies against cancer.