Rat TNF alpha elisa kit

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Rat TNF alpha elisa kit

Any suggestions for a rat TNF alpha ELISA kit
I am thinking of using the one from Biosource.

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You can also choose ELISA kit

You can also choose ELISA kit from Endogen or from R&D systems, I am using this kit.

Narendra Rathore

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Thankyou for your response.

Thankyou for your response. Bendermed was recommended by our flow cytometer technician. I did not look at the kit as yet but I worked with flow cytometer software and by setting parameters in it the kit would give me the option of looking for multicytokine expression within the same supernatant sample simultaneously


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I have used the Biosource rat

I have used the Biosource rat TNF alpha ELISA Cytoset to measure TNF in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid following a pro-inflammatory particle instillation.  The ELISA itself worked relatively well (given the variability of instillation experiments).  I would recommend it.
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