Automated Western Blots Processor

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martin wang
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Automated Western Blots Processor

Automated Rockers with buffer exchangers
If you are doing a lot of Westerns, you know how much time you have to spend with the buffer
exchanges. You need to change the buffer every 20 to 30 minutes. A good three hours is pretty much
chained to the little rocker and filters!
Well, a product is based on medium sized rocker, added programmable pumps and timers. So
you can set up the parameters of buffer exchange and save the program. All you need to do is
select the program and load up the trays with primary antibody and walk away. Find out more.

Ivan Delgado
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How does this product compare to other Western blot automation solutions like The Freedom Rocker, Tecan's ProfiBlot 48, or Invitrogen's BenchPro 4100? Just curious.
I am always in favor of automation, but I am concerned about the cost of implementation and the reproducibility of the platform.