Cell strainers/mesh

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Cell strainers/mesh

I am having a lot of difficulty with our cell strainers. We often buy the BD cell strainers from VWR, but frankly their availability is terrible, and in addition to that, they are quite costly.
One member of our lab said in her old lab, she used rolls of plastic mesh instead of the cell strainers. Does anywhere know where you would be able to get a 40 or 70nm plastic gauze for the purpose of straining cells for use in immunology?

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Yes, those mesh filters tend

Yes, those mesh filters tend to have a long delivery time.

Go to VWR or Fisher and search:

Spectra Mesh* Woven Membrane Filters, Spectrum* Laboratories

They have all kinds of sizes and types. I used to use a polypropylene mesh added on top of a large pore metal mesh, used to support the polypropylene mesh. All this is combined and autoclaved using a metal tissue culture sieve (e.g. VWR # 62399-872). This gives you a lot more surface area than the BD cell strainers, but is more work.

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thanks carson ogenic.

thanks carson ogenic.
I have been looking around for spectrum mesh at the same time as for an alternative to the falcon filter things.


for everyone to know where it all stands:
I am looking at the 30x30cm nylon membrane sheets (70um pores)

As I am in the UK all prices quoted will be in GBP:

£124.97 from spectra (which would also have US shipping costs)

from NBS biolabs based in Cambridge

£194 + £10 postage, or express post £30+ if shipping to the UK from Europe

and from VWR (Merck)

£152.91 converted from USD.