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ELISA Software


Our lab does a fair amount of ELISA work, nothing fancy (kinetics, varying wavelengths); we have been struggling with poor ELISA reader software for some time now. I have tried a few products, but none seem to perform well for us. Our needs are simple (I would think): the ability to save and retrieve plate data under specified folders, a search function, data manipulation, report generation, etc.

What software do you use ?
Are you satisfied with what you have ?
What features would you like to see in an ELISA reader package ?

Thank yoiu for your input. Much appreciated.

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Program ELISA for Windows

Program ELISA for Windows
ELISA data Processing and Analysis Software

For Information: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dbmd/bimb/elisa.htm

For Downloads: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dbmd/bimb/ELISA/downloadelisa_2.htm

Downloads include the program, user manual and validation documents

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Hi, I'm happy with Softmax

Hi, I'm happy with Softmax Pro from Molecular Devices. Its user friendly also Gen5 from Bioteck is good. on both you can do statistical analysis

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The Hitachi Solutions

The Hitachi Solutions MiraiBio Group has an elisa analysis software solution called MasterPlex ReaderFit for quantitative analysis (i.e. fitting standard curves and interpolating unknown samples).  There is a free fully-functional 14-day trial available for download.
Here is a short movie demonstrating the analysis of an elisa data set with MasterPlex ReaderFit and a MasterPlex ReaderFit 101 webinar.

It fully supports the 4 parameter logistic (4-PL) or 5 parameter logistic (5-PL) nonlinear regression models.  In addition, there is automatic EC50 & IC50 calculation for dose response curves.

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Thanks for the responses,

Thanks for the responses, much appreciate the help. 

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That is awesome that you took

That is awesome that you took the time to say "thank you" even after 2+ years that you started this thread =)

Just out of curiosity, were you able to find a good solution out there?

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Hello fcs,

Hello fcs,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread; it's been a difficult two+ years with health and computer issues both.

At the time of my post, I was indeed looking for an alternative to our DOS based software (which, btw, we are still using!). I did, however, have a secondary motive, in that I was thinking of writing a windows-based ELISA program myself. One of my interests has been coding, something I have been involved in since the early 80's.  As my spare time is limited, before I committed to such a project, I wanted to see if there was already such a program being used in other labs.

To finally get to your question, in a way I did get the answer I wanted. I have decided to write the program, incorporating functions and capabilities that we use (in a diagnostic lab) and those I believe others may find useful as well.


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Thanks - I tried a couple of

Thanks - I tried a couple of these, the public domain CDC software is OK but quite old and cumbersome, the Hitachi looked great but crashed a few times and although had lots of options it was hard to setup - also I'm not sure what the price is.

Anyhow, any more suggestions?

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Hi Hamsterlegs,

Hi Hamsterlegs,

You are in luck!  I happen to be a tech support supervisor for Hitachi Solutions.  I apologize for the issues you have experienced with MasterPlex ReaderFit and I would be more than happy than to assist you.  The setup should be pretty easy since the demo is already fully functional for 14 days.  Was the issue regarding importing your raw data?  If so, please refer to our community post that goes over the procedure for importing data.  Our latest release (1/21/2010) includes a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the analysis once you have successfully imported your data. 

Regarding the crashes that you have experienced, can you tell me when they occurred?

I hope these initial hurdles did not prevent you from fully evaluating the software.  If you would like, I would also be more than happy to set up a live demo with you for analysis of your data. 

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Q-View by Quansys Biosciences

Q-View by Quansys Biosciences is another great elisa analysis tool, and although it is geared toward multi-plexed assays, i'm sure it could be used for single assays as well.  The user simply inputs the analytes and plate layout, then Q-View can produce graphs and reports which include statistics, you can set it to flag outliers or other various values, and it can export to various formats.

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Greeting folks! Yes, I am

Greeting folks! Yes, I am still around, although I am now retired - disability actually, due to health issues. Thought I would touch base with other techs out there who may be interested in that elusive ELISA software we've been talking about.

I am writing a windows 7 32/62 bit ELISA program, suited primarily for a diagnostic laboratory. Having worked in both research and diagnostics for nearly 30 years, I feel I am rather well suited for this project. To add to this, I have been coding for nearly as long.  Enough about me!

What I would dearly like to know is what sort of market is there for such a program. It will NOT have kinetic, multi-plex assay support (at least that is not in the works at the moment), but will have the following features:

- read, display, print ELISA OD data in a variety of formats
- search, report, analyse, quantify and qualify control points, constant data points (from samples places in a constant position of each plate), and export the fidings to number of programs (excel, word, etc.)
- catalogue, archive, etc.plate data

In my work there were innumerable instances where we needed such a beast, yet none could be found.
Please let me know if this sounds like something your laboratory may be interested in, what functions/features you would want to see, and any other appropriate comments.

I thank you for your time,
with kind regards,

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 Hi  BpJ R.T, Forum,

 Hi  BpJ R.T, Forum,

We have decided to go the other way and release a very simple and easy to use ELISA analysis software product.  We have recently released the first version at www.elisaanalysis.com .

The goal of  http://www.elisaanalysis.com  is to offer a straightforward and free online ELISA kit and assay analysis software service.  The first version is a little limited on plate layouts and curve types (only 4PL at present), however we have almost completed a new release which will include 4 curve options, custom plate layouts and the option to save data and results.

There are allot of people out there who just want to get their elisa analysis done quickly and find the fully featured software a bit complex and confusing.  Later this year we also plan to upgrade the service to get some of the benefits of a cloud based service.  These will include things like users being able to choose plate layouts from a list of the most popular across all users.  Other features like sharing and analysing data amoung users is coming soon too.  We would apprecite feedback and ideas on how users can share data and work together on a clound based service if anyone has some ideas.

We look forward to seeing your product and would appreciate the oppotunity to work together as we do not offer a PC software solution which we know some clients will prefer.

Best Regards,

Scott Needham

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You also might want to try www.myassays.com.  This is a fully functional cloud-based data analysis solution which has been online since 2011.

It is preconfigured for many commercially ELISA kits and we offer general purpose pages for popular methods such as:


The site is also free to use with introductory videos and a really nice export to Excel feature (including Excel formatted charts) and Excel Add-in option.  You can save your data, reports, custom layouts and settings online and also share with your colleagues and kit experts.  If your kit is not already on the site, send the details and we will add a custom page for your kit.

I invite feedback on our service.

All the best,

Darren Cook

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LabGeek back after a few

LabGeek back after a few years on a medically necessary hiatus. I am still very keen to learn whether diagnostic labs out tere have a need for what I have been woefully inept at describing!  

I worked in diagnostic labs for roughly 20 yrs, research for 12 yrs... What was needed in the routine testing of the diagnostics dept. was a method to call up any plate which had been read,  be abe to search for a given plate by a number of parameters, creating control quality assurance reports woud be a snap. I see a use for this in survey work as well, where hundreds or thousands of samples are tested for the presence of a a particular target, i.e. plant pathogenic viruses. OD values are used to then calculate a pos/neg cutoff for each target pathogen.  While some are zero tolerance, others ave allowable lower limits before being deemed 'contaminated' or positive.  my software would make retrieving, studying, reporting, querying, and trending te OD readings whether they be blanks, controls, or uknown samples.  Table of positives can be crossed with one or more parameters to create highly specialised reports. 

Even tracking for quality assurance purposes will be a breeze with this program. No more scanning reems of paper, hand writing OD values till the cows come home! 

I sincerely hope this clarifies what it is I am asking about: I want to create this program, as I see a potential market in hospitals, university, and government and private research or diagnostic labs. Do you believe something like this would be useful where you work ?

BTW< I ave finished a good deal of the intereface and database coding, hope to have a working beta by spring 2014.