Looking for Balb/B

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Looking for Balb/B

we are looking to acquire some Balb/b mice, does anyone have some, or know whether their facility has them?

Jason King
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Here's a snippet from a paper

Here's a snippet from a paper's methods section:
BALB/c, B10.D2, BALB.B, 129/Sv, and C57BL/6 mice were obtained from Charles River WIGA (Sulzfeld, Germany).
Is it possible that the BALB.B mentioned above is the one you're after? I've never come across a BALB/b strain. Out of interest, what is the difference between the /b and /c?

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I think that Harlan labs do a

I think that Harlan labs do a balb/b strain. 
I also know of Balb/cByJ - is that possibly the strain that you are referring to?  Jackson labs is a supplier of them.

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yes the thing is, rather than paying £1000 to import them to the UK, I was just posting to see if anyone who works in the UK had them in their facility and perhaps we could negotiate.
I believe the mice have a minor MHC mismatch.
Also they are quite expensive from Harlan and Jackson, so we would like to be sure there are no other options before we potentially bought them.

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BALB.B is a congenic BALB/c

BALB.B is a congenic BALB/c mouse that has the H-2b (C57BL/6) MHC locus. This is NOT a minor MHC mismatch, it is a complete MHC mismatch.