Role of Levamisole in Immunotherapeutics

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Role of Levamisole in Immunotherapeutics

Levamisole has been used as  immunotherapeutic medicine in animals and the dose as immune booster is much lower than the dosage at which it is used for deworming. What about its role in immunotherapeutics in humans and what dose? 

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N Engl J Med. 1991 Mar 7;324(10):701-2
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The high cost of levamisole for humans.

Rossof AH, Philpot TR, Bunch RS, Letcher J.
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Levamisole, as an

Levamisole, as an immunotherapeutic agent, distinguishes itself from the bacterial immunoadjuvants in that it does not stimulate immune responses above the normal level in healthy subjects. Numerous animal and clinical studies on levamisole as an anticancer agent suggest that there is a threshold dose of levamisole (2.5 mg/kg per day for humans) which should be met in order to achieve optimum results and which should be adjusted for body weight or surface area. In addition, levamisole appears most effective on hematogenous metastases and on patients with a heavier pre-treatment tumor burden. Finally, while most cancers appear susceptible to the effects of levamisole, the drug should be used as an adjunct to classical therapeutic modalities, to stabilize complete remissions, not to induce them by itself. Therefore, immunotherapy with levamisole may be most efficacious when used as an adjuvant to other forms of cytoreductive therapy.


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Levamisole as an Immunotherapeutic Agent in the Treatment of Cancer