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Judy Bohnert
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Hello, I am having problems getting nice sections including the marrow of a flash frozen rat femur mounted in OCT. Cryostat is set at -21, and slicing from 10-40u thick slices. I have tried the anti roll bar, and the free handed with a brush..  Not getting consistant slices containing marrow, and also having rolling issues with the anti roll glass.Have tried a dryer sheet against static, have tried moving the anti roll glass, and also have tried raising the anti roll glass by hand while cutting to see if that would help with the rolling of the slice. Nothing seems to work consistantly.From one bone to the next there is ALWAYS some kind of rolling/no marrow issue. PLEASE HELP

Chin Fen Teo
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Hi Judy,Have you tried to slice at a different temperature? The person who trained me on cryostat told me that some tissues work best at -19 or -18 deg C.