ASSOCIATE MANAGER - Production in Biocon

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ASSOCIATE MANAGER - Production in Biocon

   Planning, organizing, staffing and maintaining plant operations.

  •       Scheduling activities and plan resources in order to meet deadlines.
  •       Scale up of new processes and products and improving existing processes and products.
  •       Evaluate the impact of suggested process changes and provide timely feedback
  •       dentify potential issues which need a meeting with relevant team members and call for meeting
  •       Provide guidance to the team on troubleshooting the problems
  •       Own up audits related to the plant.
  •       Enforce CGMP in every aspect of manufacturing to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.
  •       Practice and implement lean manufacturing methodologies.
  •       Training and development activities to improve job knowledge, performance and advancement opportunities of fellow team members.
  •       Identify means to reduce production costs.

Liaising with R&D,quality,maintenance,finance,projects to review and resolve any issues and also ensure that new methodologies and technologies, practices are facilitated.

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