Area Sales Leader, Mid Atlantic

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Area Sales Leader, Mid Atlantic

The Area Sales Leader (ASL) is responsible for building and maintaining a successful sales team. He/she manages a team of sales representatives with the desired outcome of meeting sales objectives and national directives. This will be accomplished by effectively hiring and developing personnel, managing resources, effective use of written and verbal communication, providing clear direction, coaching, conducting successful sales meetings, performing sales analysis and working in the field with the sales team. In addition, the AM will establish high work standards and assure that the team works in accordance with all company policies.


Management Skills:
Demonstrates leadership with subordinates to achieve individual and collective goals. Demonstrates good analytical skills to evaluate the business. Demonstrates good overall knowledge of key business and market issues. Demonstrates good verbal and written communication skills to provide direction, context, motivation, coaching and discipline in a timely manner as needed. Demonstrates ability to conduct successful area meetings. Demonstrates good interpersonal skills when interacting with subordinates, peers, customers and others. Demonstrates good teamwork at meetings and when working on projects with others. Demonstrates ability to hold representatives to consistent, well understood standards (product/clinical knowledge, customer and territory knowledge, selling skills, call planning, call analysis, resource utilization, and administration, etc.)

Management of Resources:
Directs and manages the Area Speaker Program budget for maximum return. Manages the Area's Corporate Contribution Fund to assure both business opportunity and conformity to Alkermes code. Manages individual and team's expenses with ROI mindset. Is well-organized and appropriately manages field visits. Effective utilization of meetings and conference calls. Manages individual and team administrative responsibilities.

Organizational Effectiveness:
Builds effective and productive team. Demonstrates keen ability to interview and hire effectively. Works well with Federal Sector, Public Markets, Medical Affairs, Marketing, peers and other home office personnel. Works closely with Product Access and Reimbursement Team to ensure successful coverage of Vivitrol within public sector markets. Holds self and team accountable to the implementation of specific home office initiatives (Marketing and Sales Operations). Understanding and implementation of company policies (PAP, sample program, etc.). Resolves personnel issues effectively and efficiently. Improves overall skill level of the Area. Identifies, assesses and works to help promote qualified candidate.

Personal Performance Factors:
Demonstrates strong work ethic. Operates with a high degree of integrity and tactfulness at all times. Demonstrates sound judgment and decision-making ability. Shows initiative and holds self and team accountable. High level of contribution to the management team.


4+ years of successful pharmaceutical/biotech sales experience

Superior organizational and administrative skills

Experience in sales training

Demonstrated examples of strong leadership and management skills

Strong analytical, strategic and influencing skills


Field based position and there is travel required.

Carrying materials (10 to 20 pounds)

Going up and down stairs and walking throughout medical buildings and to and from physician offices

Job is located in New Jersey/DC/Maryland

Alkermes, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant because of race, creed, color, age, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, genetic information, veteran status, military status, application for military service or any other class protected by state or federal law.

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