Looking for Business Development Manager

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Looking for Business Development Manager

 We are looking for a Boston Business Development person with a very special combination of science education, bench lab and sales experience with a personality that loves networking with people and attention to detail. Experience in product marketing in biotech industries is a huge plus. 

Specific qualities such as being detail oriented (for reconciling contracts), independent (will need to work alone and make a multitude of decisions on a daily basis), not afraid to try new things or face new situations (new equipment comes becomes available daily and being able to think on your feet and help assess that equipment is a must) enjoy learning (job requires flexibility), and ability to multi-task (this is really important as there are always many action items to do and an unorganized person who can't juggle several balls at a time would not survive). Finally we are looking for the ability to negotiate and work well with others. This position will be responsible for acquiring used lab equipment on the East Coast for our California-based company. If you think you are a fit for this position, submit your resume and cover letter to: