Analytical Chemist Job

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Analytical Chemist Job

Job Responsibilities:

    - Carry out large scale GLP organic synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and finished products that are sold internationally.
    - This position will be responsible for analyzing these compounds via Agilent HPLC, LC/MS, and NMR. Also will carry out method development.
    - It is very helpful to have an understanding of synthesis. The more experience the better, so they can be utilized in different areas and for different projects.
    - Work independently with limited supervision. May be responsible for overseeing others at some point.
    - Hands-on experience, bench-level work. Must carry out analysis with the instruments listed above, be familiar with MS data interpretation, mixing solutions, fixing of machines as necessary, etc.
    - QC or R&D background acceptable; must have GLP or GMP experience.
    - HPLC, LC/MS most important

Job Qualifications:

    - Ph.D. or M.S. in Chemistry (Organic, Physical, or Analytical). Will consider D. Pharm with 5-10+ years experience in analytical chemistry. BS level candidates acceptable, with several years of pharmaceutical experience.
    - Minimum 3-5 years experience working in analytical chemistry of small organic molecules, with very strong preference for a pharmaceutical (GLP, cGMP) environment. Additional experience is highly desirable.
    - Documented experience running, compiling, and interpreting data obtained using following instruments: LC/MS (Hewlett-Packard), HPLC (H/P), 300 MHz NMR
    - Excellent verbal and written skills
    - Experience with analytical support, validation, and auditing required for GLP and cGMP. Authoring and implementation of SOPs required for GLP and cGMP. Experience in supporting writing of CMCs in support of INDs submitted to the FDA.
    - Experience in Analytical HPLC methods development of complex pharmaceutical compounds and natural products
    - Experience is scale-up of analytical HPLC methods to preparative (Kilo-Scale) HPLC using high flow-rate industrial systems
    - Experience using multi-kilo preparative scale (Biotage) Flash chromatography using monitoring with analytical HPLC
    - Familiarity with synthetic organic chemistry of small molecules
    - Ability to interface instruments to computers using lab-view or similar software

    Deadline: Contact employer

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