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Chemist I - Pentair, Inc

 Chemist I

Job Code : FILTGLNCHEM-0510
Division : Residential Filtration
Location : Glendale WI US 53209

Job Type : Full Time
Career Level : Experienced (Non-Manager)
Education : Bachelor's Degree
Skill : Engineering -> R & D

Category : Engineering/Product Development
Job Description :
1. Perform particulate and cyst reduction, chlorine and chemical removal, and other related tests on filtration devices. Perform witness tests as assigned.

2. Follow sample handling procedures and perform sample analyses using laboratory instrumentation and standard methods as specified in the laboratory Work Instructions (WI’s).
3. Accurately and neatly record all test data in laboratory record books. Perform data analysis (plotting and graphing) and keep records of calculations and data analysis in permanent record files. 4. Prepare complete and accurate test reports based on data generated by testing and data analysis. 5. Responsible for knowing and following all necessary safety provisions of laboratory CHEMICAL HYGIENE PLAN. 6. Responsible for keeping laboratory work areas neat and orderly. 7. Responsible for consulting Material Safety Data Sheets before working with hazardous chemicals. 8. Responsible for knowing location of and how to use lab safety equipment. 9. Responsible for routine maintenance of laboratory instruments & test equipment; report to the Director-R&D any persistent problems with test equipment, lab instrumentation or test methods. Maintain laboratory WI’s and notify Lab Manager when WI’s should be changed or updated. 10. Assist in ordering chemical & lab supplies when inventory quantities are low. 11. Assist in obtaining resource files for upgrading lab instrumentation and methods. 12. Assist in calibration of lab test stands for certification and witness testing. 13. Perform other testing activities and duties as may be assigned by Lab Manager or Director of Engineering.
Job Requirements :
Educational Requirements:
4-year degree in chemistry, biology, related science or associates degree with minimum 2 years laboratory experience. Additional Requirements:
Proficiency and accuracy with instrumental and wet methods of analysis and an alertness for safety with chemicals. Proficiency with computers and computer operated instrumentation. Experience or knowledge with some or all of the following instrumental techniques: ICP-MC, GC/GC-MS, AA, IC, UV/Vis, TGA/DSC or related instrumentation. Job Responsibilities:
Perform routine analyses and laboratory tests pertaining to filtration products. Be available for duties outside regular work hours for high priority or witness tests as assigned. Physical & Mental Demands:
Stress of meeting time restraints due to limited holding times for sample analysis. Frustration of dealing with occasionally malfunctioning. Handling corrosive and toxic chemicals.