Opening For Computational Chemist - Dundee

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Opening For Computational Chemist - Dundee

 Job Ref: LS0532
Location: Biocity Scotland, Newhouse, Lanarkshire
The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) European Lead Factory is a major European project established with the aim of generating new lead structures for drug discovery projects in the public and private sectors. As part of this project a European Screening Centre (ESC) has been established at Biocity Scotland, Newhouse, Lanarkshire. Staffed by scientists from the University of Dundee the group follows up on active compounds for public programs discovered by high throughput screening of the new compound collection assembled for the purpose by carrying out detailed biological evaluations and medicinal chemistry. The desired output is improved high quality hits that represent excellent starting points for drug discovery programs or tools for investigating and validating novel pharmacological approaches with the ultimate aim of creating benefit for patients.
Job description:
The European Screening Centre at Newhouse is now recruiting for a highly motivated computational chemist to support work on multiple parallel projects resulting from the ELF’s screening campaign. The successful candidate will report to the Head of Medicinal Technologies and work with the biology and medicinal chemistry teams to give high quality in silico design input to the project team. The candidate will also contribute towards building and maintaining the computational infrastructure of the Screening Centre.
Main duties and responsibilities:
• Structure Activity Relationship analysis in diverse projects
• Structure and ligand-based compound design
• Virtual Screening
• Evaluate and implement further CADD technologies
• Liaising with key project stakeholders and providing scientific leadership 
• Keeping appropriate records 
• Producing high quality reports supporting milestones and deliverables. 
The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate or possess the following: 
• Broad experience in computational chemistry in a drug discovery setting
• Familiarity with, and understanding of, the drug discovery process from HTS to LO
• Proficiency with Schroedinger modelling software and Biovia Pipeline Pilot 
• Proficiency with Open Source cheminformatics toolkits
• Familiarity with Linux 
• Programming or scripting skills in languages such as Python or Java
Your qualifications:
• A first or second degree or equivalent in chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry, physics or another relevant discipline
• A PhD in computational chemistry or closely associated discipline
• Significant experience working in drug discovery either in academia or industry is desirable
• Strong interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
• An ability to be proactive, productive and to work effectively in teams is required. The successful candidate will be a flexible multi-tasker with a commitment to quality and scientific rigour.
This position is available for a fixed period ending 31st December 2017.
Biocity Scotland at Newhouse has modern laboratory facilities and state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for drug discovery. It is located at the heart of the central belt in Scotland with excellent links to Glasgow and Edinburgh and easy access to areas of outstanding natural beauty providing an excellent location to live and work.
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