PhD Position in Functional Complex Oxide Heterostructures

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PhD Position in Functional Complex Oxide Heterostructures

PhD Position in Functional Complex Oxide Heterostructures, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Chalmers University of Technology offers Doctorate position in the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience in Sweden – 2011

Applicants should have basic knowledge of condensed matter physics.
-Some experience in nano- or microfabrication technology is of advantage.

Scholarship Open for International Students: No

Scholarship Description: The underlying physics of these phenomena is not fully understood. Complex phase diagrams are governed by interplay between, e.g., charge, spin, strain, and doping, resulting in very different properties of oxides with similar crystal structure.

The project addresses problems in fabricating functional, complex oxide structures and will develop basic understanding of their properties at an atomic scale. Great challenges are to control doping and vacancy profiles and to design new interfaces with desired properties.

This may enable novel device platforms for electronics and energy production and harvesting.

How to Apply: Online or by Post

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-06-10

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