Principal #Scientist I/Team Leader - Infection #Chemistry #job #pharma

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Principal #Scientist I/Team Leader - Infection #Chemistry #job #pharma

* Accountable through leadership and significant design contribution for the delivery of quality compounds, data and knowledge supporting several iMed projects.
* Contribute to or lead drug design efforts, in both Lead Generation & Lead Optimization projects.
* Act as Chemistry Leader or as pre-Project Leader for a drug discovery projects in the pre-LOID phase as and when needed.
* Manage a large team of internal and external resources including both drug designers and synthesis experts - covering in general up to 2 projects (up to 6 internal scientists including 2 band D levels and up to 8-to-12 external FTEs).
* Ensure stretch objectives, individual development plans, calibrated performance evaluations, salary and bonus setting for all team members.
* Accountable for providing leadership, direction and contributing to project delivery through the motivation, collaborative working and development of people and line competence within the function.
* Accountable for the quality and efficient delivery of the externalization resources aligned to teams.
* Plan and prioritise own and others work i.e. definition and prioritisation of targets using literature, team and own knowledge.
* Demonstrate expertise in drug design and medicinal chemistry, propose design strategies, troubleshoot problems and make a significant contribution to the practical delivery of projects.
* Ensure that industry standards are applied to team working, keeping track of developments and assessing impact on own function.
* Ensure own and team compliance to local SHE requirements and AZ Corporate responsibility policies.

Key success factors for role:

* Creativity in solving medicinal chemistry drug design challenges and demonstrable track record.
* Knowledge and use of state of the art medicinal chemistry analysis, prediction, and design tools. Well developed awareness of the use of structural and computational chemistry in drug design.
* Ability to independently analyze literature and/or project data, definition of design hypotheses and design of novel ligands in the context of project needs.
* Ability to manage all aspects of the output of the team, including responsibility for setting individual objectives and maintaining the highest scientific standards and providing flexible project support.
* Ability to motivate and develop team members to maximize their potential.
* Ability to promote teamwork, collaboration and communication within team, project and department.
* Quality and consistent delivery from own work.
* Ability to keep up to date with current developments in the drug design/medicinal chemistry literature alongside a well developed competitive intelligence network.
* Working knowledge of synthetic organic chemistry.

Functional knowledge required:

Ph.D.(or equivalent) in a relevant chemistry discipline (with at least 4 years of experience preferred) in chemistry with relevant and significant experience in drug discovery. Demonstrable track record of team leadership within a medicinal chemistry drug design environment.

* In depth medicinal chemistry knowledge.
* Ability to plan, prioritise and perform own work independently, for example data analysis and compound design using literature and own knowledge
* Able to identify, develop and apply new methods and ways of working within medicinal chemistry.
* Develop understanding of project SAR and suggest new compounds for synthesis.
* Able to actively lead and contribute to project compound analysis and design efforts.
* Extensive experience in leading, motivating, developing and organizing personnel.
* Extensive experience in program leadership with a demonstrable track record of driving data-based scientific decision-making on programs.
* Demonstrable people and communication skills.
* In collaboration with Patent Attorney, deliver patent strategy and be accountable for coordination of compilation of supporting project data.

Development area:

* May function as Associate Director at department
* May function as Scientific Leader at Principal Scientist Level
* May function as Pre-project Leader (project pre-LOID phase)
* May lead collaborations with external partners

Business Knowledge:
Have an in-depth understanding of the Chemistry sciences in particular medicinal and synthetic Chemistry and how these contribute and influences drug discovery projects.
Have excellent insights on how the drug discovery process functions within the discovery environment. Understands and impacts on the discipline contribution into the discovery projects, and is fully able to represent own discipline and lead cross-disciplinary project teams.
Awareness of the latest advancements in their field systematically followed through reading and evaluating current literature and from scientific contacts and scientific meetings, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the team and department in drug discovery.
Preferred in-depth knowledge of antibacterial and/or antiviral drug discovery, including novel approaches to the discovery of anti-infectives.
Apply here: Scientist I/Team Leader - Infection Chemistry