Senior Scientist - Computational Chemist - AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

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Senior Scientist - Computational Chemist - AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

This position will be filled at either a Band D or Band E based on the selected candidates experience.

We are currently recruiting a highly qualified computational chemist who will be joining our fast-paced multidisciplinary oncology team. The successful candidate will support project teams from target identification through lead optimization. The candidate is expected to have a degree of independence and proven record of excellence in a number of computational chemistry and cheminformatics techniques to assist in the identification and advancement of small-molecule drug discovery programmes. The qualified candidate will be creative, detail-oriented and a problem solver able to work collaboratively with a passion for drug discovery.

The candidate will work closely with chemists and project teams to design compounds with improved potency, selectivity, functional activity and/or ADME properties. In addition, the work will include helping project teams analyse, interpret, and visualize biological data, and communicate these results. Additional responsibilities involve using modeling and bioinformatics tools to provide druggability assessment for novel target classes, predicting novel druggable sites for known target classes, or mining databases for chemical starting points. The candidate will be expected to publish high quality scientific papers with original results.

Preferred requirements:

* A PhD in computational chemistry, biophysics, or a related field, and at least 2 years industry experience
* Experience in structure-based drug design (e.g., docking and scoring, virtual screening, library design, homology modeling), a must
* Familarity with chemoinformatics and bioinformatics tools for database similarity searching, pharmacophore modeling, QSAR modeling, and identification and analysis of protein binding sites
* Sound understanding of medicinal chemistry concepts and demonstrated success in addressing medicinal chemistry design challenges
* Experience with in silico predictive methods for the improvement of physico-chemical and ADMET characteristics, a plus
* Strong programming/scripting capabilities (e.g., python, perl, OEChem toolkit, C++) desirable
* Strong written and oral communication skills
* Ability to work well in multi-disciplinary teams


The position will be placed at AstraZeneca R&D Boston, USA

Visa Requirements:

A valid visa for working in the US is a must.
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