Measurements Engineer

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Measurements Engineer

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Scope of Position:
• Develop and document standardized methods and procedures for measurement systems. Support on-going process improvement projects through measurement software upgrades. Work with Division Engineering for the development of new measurement systems and upgrade of existing measurement systems. Participate in project teams introducing new measurements technology. Plant level manufacturing support point of contact for installed measurement equipment systems.
• Includes participation in the design, building, testing and extension of various measurement and controls systems in the complex. Requires development and execution of Measurement Systems Analysis and R&R studies. Work with manufacturing, engineering, development and information technology groups to bring standard methods to measurement and controls systems, along with data storage and presentation. Provide technical support for transferring technology from development to production. Provide progress reports to key stakeholders and organizational leadership. Actively engage with key manufacturing and development activities to canvass/identify measurement develop needs that provide enhanced product attributes, cost reductions, or other competitive advantages.

Travel Requirements: Minimal

Hours of work/work schedule/flex-time: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, off-hours support as required

• B.S. Mechanical / Electrical Engineer, Computer Science, or similar required
• M.S. Mechanical / Electrical Engineer, Computer Science, or similar preferred

Required Years and Area of Experience: 1 year measurements experience

Required Skills:
• Strong knowledge of measurements, instrumentation and controls technologies.
• Base knowledge of statistical analysis.
• Software programming experience.
• Vision processing tools à ability to post process images in tools such as Wit, Cognex, Halcon, etc.
• PC / Software understanding à ability to understand structured code (, C++,C#), this is need to help identify bugs and help refine production applications
• Knowledge of other inspection tools à Ability to help bench mark different plant measurement tools against one another and have an in-depth knowledge of why the tools are different.

Desired Skills:
• Manufacturing experience and ability to work in a manufacturing environment.
• Experience with TS-16949 quality standards.
• Experience in Optical Measurements, digital imaging and systems analysis.
• Solid knowledge of sensors, instrumentation, lasers and signal processing and hands on knowledge of electrical installation.
• Good process, systems and troubleshooting skills.
• Mathematics à Strong understanding of calculus, matrix math and geometry.
• Data structures / storage à Understanding of how data is stored in either XML files and/or databases. This is needed to help guide what data is extracted and the preference on how it is stored.
• Optics Understanding à Basic understanding of lens and lighting.
• Logic / discrete mathematics à Learn and help supply suggestions for error proofing with in the software and also provide linkage between PC and PLC interface.
• PLC understanding à ability to open RSLogix and monitor tags and/or digital i/o’s.
• Previous project management and leadership skills.

Soft Skills (Communication/Team/Leadership):
• Strong written and verbal communications and overall people skills
• Resolve conflicts with peers, customers, etc.
• Self-starter, independent problem solver, and learner.
• Ability to easily work with different functional areas (development, engineering, manufacturing, trades, etc.)

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