Opening For Algorithms Coordinator Engineer : Darsmtadt

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Opening For Algorithms Coordinator Engineer : Darsmtadt

 Algorithms Coordination Engineer
EUMETSAT is the European satellite agency for monitoring weather and climate. Bringing together the resources of 30 member states, we develop and operate a range of satellite systems surveying the atmosphere, land and ocean that deliver vital data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our data contribute to weather forecasts that protect lives and property across Europe and to monitoring of our changing climate. EUMETSAT is now embarking on new and challenging satellite development programmes, shaping its long-term future.
In this role, you will support future EUMETSAT geostationary and low-earth orbit programmes with specifications of instrument characterisation and the development of Level 1 data processing algorithms, particularly in the area of geometric and radiometric image correction. Initially you will be providing dedicated support to the Meteosat Third Generation Programme and until about 2016, you will be assigned the role of EUMETSAT Resident, operating from the Cannes premises of our space segment industry partner. You will regularly coordinate with the team at EUMETSAT and travel to the headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, before permanently relocating to Darmstadt. In the longer term, you will be responsible to further develop the knowledge related to high accuracy level 1 processing and Image Navigation and Registration within EUMETSAT.
Qualified to degree level in a relevant discipline, you will bring extensive theoretical knowledge of Level 1 data processing algorithms for Image Navigation and Registration, geometric and radiometric correction and calibration. At the same time, you should be experienced in specifying, prototyping, implementing, verifying and validating complex, real-time Level 1 data processing systems for imaging and/or sounding instruments on remote sensing spacecraft. Strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with fluency in English and French are required.
Attractive employment conditions are offered, in terms of salary, comprehensive benefits including health and social welfare provision, and extensive relocation assistance if applicable.
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Closing date: 13 November 2014 (REF: VN 14/41)