Opening For Research Associate :University of Edinburgh

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Opening For Research Associate :University of Edinburgh

Vacancy Ref: : 030190
Closing Date : 09-Jun-2014
Contact Person : Dr. Robert Henderson
Contact Number : 0131 650 5568
Contact Email :

A research position is available on a 5-year £11.5M Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) between the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt and Bath. The aim of the project is to develop a 'transformative' point-of-care sensing device for intensive care unit (ICU) patients. The instrument links fibre optic research through sensing and imaging, signal processing and machine learning through to clinical care. 
Job Details 
Job title: Research Associate in CMOS Single Photon Sensors for Healthcare 
School/Support Department: Engineering 
Job Purpose 
To design CMOS single photon sensors for time-resolved Raman and fluorescence imaging of chemical probes and sensor molecules placed at the tip of an optic fibre. You will join an existing research team in Edinburgh School of Engineering working on CMOS integrated circuits. The candidate will be responsible for the design of single photon detector arrays, fast timing electronics and on-chip signal processing. You will co-operate closely with other team members in the bonding, optoelectronic characterisation and software interfacing of the CMOS chips in demonstrators. You will participate in team meetings and perform verification of the sensors in the project’s interdisciplinary ‘hub’ at the Queen’s Medical Research Centre, Edinburgh. 
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