David Levene Foundation Bursaries, New Zealand

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David Levene Foundation Bursaries, New Zealand

David Levene Foundation Bursaries, New Zealand

A foundation fund has been established by the David Levene Foundation to provide bursaries to students undertaking full-time study towards a qualification at Massey University, and who would otherwise be unable to study due to financial hardship. An open fund has been created to allow members of the public and other benefactors to contribute to the Foundation, thus enabling it to help additional students.

1.Bursaries shall be awarded on an annual basis and shall be known as the ‘David Levene Foundation Bursaries’.

2.The bursaries shall have a value to meet the needs of the student to attend university, covering all or part of fees and textbooks, and is tenable at any Massey University campus.

The value of the Bursary is up to $10,000 however, usually recipients are awarded between $1,000 – $3,000. The Bursary is granted for one year, but may be extended so long as the recipient achieves satisfactory results and still qualifies under the financial hardship criteria.

3.Applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

The primary consideration in making the awards shall be the applicants’ financial circumstances. Academic merit and good character will also be taken into consideration

Scholarship Application Deadline:15 Nov,2011

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