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The Italian National Research Council is announcing the opening of:
Director Department of Materials & Devices of National Research Council (hereafter “CNR”) (
CNR in accordance with Law No. 127/2003, provides the promotion and development of large-scale projects, including international projects, and the integration of the results with the territory, universities and commercial enterprises trough a structure based on eleven Departments, each representing a specific scientific and technological macroarea, with the primary task of programming, coordination and management of the research results, for the achievement of the aims of the projects foreseen for each Department in the Three-Year Plan (
Each Department is directed and co-ordinated by a Director, who has the duties and functions, among which are: definition of the administrative regulations in relation to the approval of projects and of the Three-Year Plan, drawing up of the general policy plan and budget, management of human and financial resources of the Department, distribution of orders among the Institutes, formulation of reports on results and evaluation of the Department’s activities.
Candidates applying for the position must have a high scientific and managerial experience and qualification either in Italy or abroad. Additionally they must not be over 62 years old at the expiration date. Foreign candidates must have know/ledge of the Italian language.
The complete information pack for the applicants (including the requested qualifications and the specifications for the selection rules) is available on: The official announcement has been published on the Italian Official Journal n. 34 of the 5th May 2009.
The expiration date is the 19th June 2009.
Candidates will have to submit applications with detailed CV to the following address: CNR- Direzione Centrale Supporto alla Gestione delle Risorse
Ufficio Concorsi e borse di studio
P.le Aldo Moro, 7
00185 ROMA

Applications will be examined by a Selection Committee of high level experts in the field who will present a short list to the Administration Board of CNR for a final choice. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview, which will take pace in Rome, during which candidates will have the opportunity to present their strategic view for the future activities of the Department of Materials & Devices