Faculty Positions (Sejong Univ. Seoul, Republic of Korea)

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Faculty Positions (Sejong Univ. Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Job Title:      Faculty Positions (Sejong Univ. Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Job Number:      1097383

Application Deadline:     5/15/2012

Job Description

Sejong University invites application for tenure-track faculty positions for the following research areas.

- Dept. of History (History of western civilization, History of science)
- Dept. of Economics and Trade (International Economics, Economic integration)
- Dept. of China Trade & Commerce (Chinese Economics/ Chinese Business Administration)
- Dept. of Business Administration (* Management: Organizational Behavior/Organizational Theory, * Accounting: Financial Accounting, * Marketing: Marketing, * Finance: Investments, * MEDS: Operations Management and/or Management Science)
- Dept. of Astronomy and Space Science (Any field in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Science)
- Dept. of Chemistry (All areas of Chemistry)
- Dept. of Environment and Energy (Green house gas treatment/capture/storage, Environment and energy integration technology)
- Dept. of Food Science and Technology (Functional food science of disease prevention, Food fermentation engineering )
- Dept. of Bioscience and Biotechnology (NeuroEpigenetics)
- Dept. of Bioresources Engineering (Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Plant transformation)
- Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering (All areas of information and Communication Engineering )
- Dept. of Computer Engineering (Computer Graphics, Bioinformatics, Virtual Reality)
- Dept. of Digital Contents (Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related disciplines and research focus in an area of Digital Contents technology, for example, in Human-computer interaction, Software Engineering, Game Programming, Game Development Process.)
- Dept. of Computer and Information Security (Information Security, Hacking and Cracking, and Software Security)
- Dept. of Architectural Engineering (Structural Engineering and Building Materials, Building Environmental and Mechanical Systems, Information Technology in Construction)
- Dept. of Architecture (Urban Planning and/or Design, Architectural and/or Interior Design, Landscaping)
- Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Hydro and Water Engineering, Rock Mechanics)
- Dept. of Geoinformation Engineering (All areas of Geospatial information Engineering)
- Dept. of Energy & Mineral resources Engineering (Applied Geomechanics for Underground Storage of Energy)
- Dept. of Defense System Engineering (SONAR Acoustic Signal Processing, Torpedo/Submarine System Design, Leisure Boat/Yacht)
- Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear Engineering )
- Dept. of Aerospace Engineering/Aeronautics and Astronautics (Aerospace materials and Structure, Avionics, Propulsion )
- Faculty of Nano and Advanced Materials Engineering (Energy/Electronic Materials, Nano convergence system)
- Dept. of Industrial Design (Visual Communication, Communication Design,
New Media)
- Dept. of Fashion Design (Clothing construction & Fashion design)
- Graduate School of Business (Law, Finance)


Sejong University is a comprehensive university which have been ranked highly among the university in Korea.
We offer housing and competitive remuneration. We help our people compete for external grants.
Applications should send their CV and a list of publication including a impact factor.
The application should include a research plan and a personal statement.
Starting date is negotiable, but beginning no later than Feb. 2013.
Review of application will begin on May 15th, 2012 and continue until the position is filled.

Apply online at http://facultyjob.sejong.ac.kr/2012/index.html

(When applying, please mention this ad in UniversityJobs.com.)

Contact:      Byoung Ki Kwon
Office of Academic Affairs
Sejong University
98 Gunja-Dong, Gwangin-Gu
Seoul, Seoul 143-747
Korea (South)
Phone: 82-2-3408-4192
Fax: 82-2-3408-3701
Email: gyomusejong.ac.kr

Deadline: 5/15/2012

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