Junior Professor (W1) in Physical Chemistry

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Junior Professor (W1) in Physical Chemistry

Junior Professor (W1) in Physical Chemistry (with tenure track option)

in the specific area of: Innovative Nano Structures for Sensor Applications and Optical Imaging

The research foci are the synthesis, characterization and application of functionalized nanostructures (metallic, inorganic, composite, hybrid, organic) for sensor applications and optical imaging. The university seeks an excellent young scientist with outstanding scientific record in the named research fields. The candidate should be able to make substantial contributions to research and education in Physical Chemistry as well as academic administration at the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Earth Sciences at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.
We expect that the candidate will develop innovative research initiatives and participate in the University Priority Programs (http://www.uni-jena.de/Research-lang-en.html) as well as in future research profile areas “Optics, Photonics, Intelligent Materials, Soft Matter and Microbiology, Biodiversity”. Furthermore the position involves a willingness to cooperate closely with local non-university research institutes.
Candidates are expected to have a university degree, possess pedagogic skills and be able to perform excellent scientific work which is demonstrated usually by the outstanding quality of their Doctorate/PhD research and a productive postdoc period in the respective field. The period of doctorate and the period of employment together should not exceed six years.
The university wants to promote women in science and education and is particularly looking forward to receiving applications from qualified female researchers. Applications of handicapped people will be given preference in the selection among equivalently qualified competitors.
The position will be appointed initially for 4 years, with the possibility for a 2 year extension after a positive intermediate evaluation of the candidate’s research and teaching.
Applications should include curriculum vitae with details on the scientific career, a list of publications, presentations, and teaching, as well as a description of scientific interests and research plans for the future. Applications should be received by January 04th, 2013 and should be directed to the Dekan der Chemisch-Geowissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Humboldtstr. 11, D-07743 Jena.

Deadline: January 04th, 2013

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