Reader in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

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Reader in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Reader in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics
Aberystwyth University - Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences

As part of its ongoing development, IBERS is seeking to appoint a Reader in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics.  The successful applicant will provide research leadership to process, represent, model and interpret high dimensionality data from biological systems. 

It is intended that the post will strengthen linkages with the Department of Computer Science.  A key responsibility will be to increase research grant capture and to help integrate IBERS activity in the Plant Phenomics Centre with the Metabololomics Centre and Translational Genomics Centre, and build external collaborations with world-class systems biology centres. To this end it is intended that a supporting post in systems biology will be made available at the Lecturer level to support the successful candidate.

The post is funded by the Biosciences, Environment and Agriculture Alliance (BEAA), which is a strategic partnership between Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities and the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council (BBSRC).  Funding for BEAA was provided by Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities, BBSRC, and HEFCW, with a total budget of £55m.

Applications are invited from individuals with an interest in biological problems relevant to agriculture at a systems level.  Experience in the bioinformatics, mathematical and/or statistical challenges associated with the representation, integration and exploration of high dimensional biological data is essential.

Closing date: 27 May 2011

Interview date: Week commencing 27 June 2011

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