RGCB Trivandrum Recruits Scientist for CANCER VACCINE

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RGCB Trivandrum Recruits Scientist for CANCER VACCINE


Over the past several years Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB) has set high standards in cancer research. To create an environment where knowledge generated through fundamental research gets translated to innovative new tools and products, RGCB seeks to create a specialized ecosystem called Interdisciplinary Innovation Center (IIC). To be developed in RGCB’s second campus, this will be a unique knowledge centre and hub for mid & high level innovation and translation. Till the new laboratories and support facilities are ready, start up laboratories and support will be provided in the existing buildings. For cancer research, RGCB has a major interdisciplinary Program of Excellence in Translational Research (PETR) in collaboration with the Regional Cancer Centre, which allows RGCB to carry out leading translational and clinical cancer research.
The first phase of the RGCB-IIC will include major programs in cancer vaccines (including immunosurveillance against cancer, defining specific immune responses against cancer, development of vaccine candidates & delivery systems) and development of next generation cancer biomarkers.
There has long been significant expectation that a successful cancer vaccine will have several benefits and offer advantages over current routine cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Hypothetically at least vaccines are likely to produce fewer and less severe side effects as they speci?cally target cancer cells only.The mandate of the RGCB cancer vaccine program will be to initiate groundbreaking programs in Cancer Immunology with a goal to generate new discovery into mechanisms that are involved in or regulate the anti-tumor immune response. Such data will be translated this information into viable immunotherapeutic and vaccines for cancer patients. 
In close association with the cancer vaccine program another key area of RGCB’s research and development programs is to generate critical mass required to elucidate the complex task of using large-scale genomic and proteomic analysis as a basis for rational selection of novel cancer biomarkers. Advent of next generation sequencing facilities as well as high end protein analysis options now means the human genome can be sequenced in weeks rather than years and analysis of protein finger prints using advanced mass spectrometry is easily achievable. RGCB plans to generate genomic, epigenetic and protein data from clinically & pathologically well characterized tumors and their metastases, and will compare these to the basic germline genome and proteome of the patients. RGCB further will also establish and characterize a novel series of xenograft tumor models and cell lines derived from the same set of tumors, which will support research on tumor biology and the early stages of biomarker qualification.
RGCB invites applications from scientists with outstanding track records for positions of Group Leaders in the Cancer Vaccine and Biomarker Programs (at levels E1, E2 and F). First round of applications will close on August 31, 2012.

Deadline:August 31, 2012

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