Science Impact | Senior Scientist, Livestock Production

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Science Impact | Senior Scientist, Livestock Production

Job Title:      Science Impact | Senior Scientist, Livestock Production | Dairy
Job Number:      7044649

Job Description

Reference: AGR1333

Location: Unspecified (Location not known)

A great career opportunity for a Senior Scientist to work cooperatively as part of our leadership team in partnering with stakeholders while continuing to progress your science.

AgResearch is a leader in pastoral research and science innovation. We combine New Zealand’s natural advantage with world-leading thinking to enhance the value, productivity and profitability of New Zealand’s pastoral, agri-food and agri-technology sector. Inspired leadership is pivotal to our new approach. It is a time of energy and enthusiasm for the future.

As an Impact Leader with your focus on ways we can work together to increase the impact of outputs that lead to improved productivity, health and welfare of dairy cattle, sheep and goats you will become highly influential in overseeing this innovation pipeline. You will work with Science Team Leaders and other Impact Leaders to ensure we are well placed to maximise the benefits from Science for our stakeholders.

As a significant part of the role is science delivery you will need to have a proven track record in a relevant science area and be able to facilitate the integration of research from multiple areas/disciplines. Essential attributes include the ability to work inclusively, a “One AgResearch” approach, and to take responsibility for outcomes.

AgResearch will provide you with a dynamic and friendly working environment, excellent working conditions, ongoing support and superb training and professional development opportunities.

To apply please submit your application including a Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter ensuring you highlight:

• Your motivation to apply for the role
• The skills/attributes/behaviours you bring which support your application
• Your research background and experience

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    Kitty Burton
Agresearch Ltd.
Palmerston North, 
New Zealand

Deadline: 30 May 2012

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