Post-doctoral Research Position – Food biochemistry

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Post-doctoral Research Position – Food biochemistry

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Geel, Belgium, is offering a position for post-doctoral
scientist in the area of biochemistry applied to food safety and food quality.

The successful candidate will work in the JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and
Measurements (IRMM). He/she will carry out laboratory work and develop a method to
characterise heat treatments of food products by protein-based methods such as enzyme
activity assay, one- and two-dimensional protein fractionation (SDS-PAGE, DIGE), and
capillary electrophoresis. The development of suitable sample preparation protocols will be
part of the work. Candidates should have competences in experimental design and
interpretation of data for qualitative and quantitative assays. The successful candidate will
have the opportunity to support different teams within the group, contributing to the
harmonisation of sample preparations in relation to proteomics. A flexible approach is
therefore essential.

Candidates with a PhD in biochemistry, biotechnology or food technology and with a strong
background in protein chemistry are invited to submit their applications. Candidates should
have experience in protein analysis methods, such as protein fractionation/purification and
separation techniques, i.e. one- and two-dimensional gel-electrophoresis, capillary
electrophoresis and chromatography. The expertise of the candidates shall be supported by a
relevant publication list. The demanding nature of the research topic requires the ability to
solve problems and also act effectively as part of a research team. The successful candidate
shall be able to work under the umbrella of a quality system. A good command of English is a

Duration: 36 months

Deadline:Feb 15,2012

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