Luminex technologies

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Luminex technologies

We are going to purchase a Luminex 100 instrument for our molecular biology department. I cannot discuss our project goals for using Luminex but I would like to know how this system is better than a regular FACS machine. I know that the advantage of using Luminex is that you can analyse or detect about 100 unknown analytes in the system, but we are going to have only 4 different unknown to quantify. Is Luminex a good alternative to FACS (flow cytometry) here?

Guy Sovak
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I guess FACS will be the best, although the luminex system has got lots of advantages.
Ask a more spesific question, so I can help more.

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The Luminex system is only up

The Luminex system is only up to about 60-70 multiplex at this point and keeping in the 20 range is the best for realistic assay design and optimization.

The Luminex system is much less expensive than a FACS instrument and the learning curve is much faster. Although, if you already have a FACS or plan on it using it for other purposes, you could test the Luminex technology on that first before commiting. I never tried to do a multiplexing Luminex assay on a FACS instrument, but if you get beads of highly different dye content, you might be able to gate on the populations and pull it off.